Self-supporting staircases

Spiral self-supporting staircase can be the right solution for your needs when planning your home furnishings. Winding staircases are definitely cheaper, easy to build and more comfortable than traditional stairs.

Self-supporting staircase has no central support column. This feature make it both very comfortable and elegant, but not less safe: our stairbuilding refers to safety and construction standards, and in complete compliance with earthquake-resistence laws and regulations.

Our self-supporting staircases harmonize with the furnitures, improve the elegance of the indoor home decor, and they save space.

Self-supporting staircases are designed according the customer's needs and can be built with different materials, for example with wooden or marble steps.

Helicoidal Staircase

The helicoidal shape gives the staircase an elegant and aerial appearance, making it unique in natural essence and absolute technical reliability.